TDMCTraining and Development Management Council (US Department of Energy)
TDMCToyota Dealer Marketing Covenant (vehicles)
TDMCTaman Desa Medical Centre (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
TDMCTalent Development Management Center (Philippines)
TDMCTrip Distribution-Mode Choice (transportation forecasting)
TDMCTheater Distribution Management Cell
TDMCTime-Dependent Monte Carlo (algorithm)
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Determination of an Optimum Detector Position through the TDMC Analysis
After the ith time-bin TDMC simulations for all histories, the number of neutrons for the next time-bin simulations is increased to be the user-inputted number of histories by splitting according to the number of surviving neutrons at [T.sub.i+1] with conserving the total weight.
Then [alpha] corresponding to the detector position r can be estimated by an exponential fitting to the TDMC results of [R.sub.D](r, [t.sub.i']) as [13]
The withdrawals left TDMC the sole bidder for three projects and FGCI for the other two.
A COA special audit examination also revealed that TDMC and FGCI have almost the same owners and incorporators based on their interlocking officers.
Ivy Longno Gurrea, one of the incorporators of TDMC, was also a member of FGCI's board of directors at the time of the bidding.