TDMIThumb Instruction Debugger Multiplier
TDMITransportation Demand Management Institute
TDMITD Securities Melbourne Institute
TDMIThumb Instruction, Debugger, Multiplier, ICE (ARM CPU features)
TDMITime Delayed Maintenance Item (airlines)
TDMITerence Detlef Max International (Naarden, The Netherlands)
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The TDMI was originally developed by Cone in 2000 as a tool for determining only ED nurses' opinions about triage decisions (13).
The total mean TDMI score of the ED professionals was 172.89[+ or -]18.00 (Table 2).
It was found that the TDMI total score was higher in the healthcare professionals with emergency care certificates in the study.
This is possible because TDMI provides the controls for developers and system integrators through the SDK to imbed into their premise solution's architecture, which will, in turn, grant access to TDMI's North American database and query tools.
Other operating system environments may require manual coding to set up a query capable of examining all local databases before connecting and referencing TDMI's North American database for existing information.
For example, TDMI provided us with the following list of data returned using a Windows-based operating system: consumer last name, business name, address, radius by address or coordinate or Standard Industry Classification (SIC).
The PDMI and TDMI of the lambs in the five treatments in July, August, and September are reported in Table 3.
Therefore, as expected, the TDMI of the lambs in the five treatments had no obvious differences.
The lambs that received a high percentage of high-class feeds (Groups B and D) had a greater ADG than the lambs that received less because the TDMI of all the lambs did not change significantly.
(2012), who did not find an effect of substitution of corn for crude glycerin at the levels of 0.0%, 2.8%, 6.1%, and 9.1%, in the total DM, on TDMI (6.2 kg/d) of heifers reared under conditions similar to the present study.
In both experiments, total DM intake (TDMI; kg DM/d) increased linearly as the amount of concentrate consumed (CI; kg DM/d) increased (Figure 1), with the following equations describing the relationships:
TDMI = 2.94 ([+ or -]0.127)+0.53 ([+ or -]0.103) CI ([R.sup.2] = 0.599; p<0.001)