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TDMOIPTime Division Multiplexing over Ip
TDMOIPTime Division Multiplexing Over Internet Protocol
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There are technologies that address these shortcomings and provide solutions for "real time services" such as VoIP (voice over IP) and TDMoIP (Time Division Multiplexing over IP).
Section 3 describes TDMoIP architectures and standards.
There are two main architectures for TDM over packet switching, structured and unstructured TDMoIP [11].
The tests performed show that given the requirement to prioritize the TDMoIP traffic, stable synchronization signals were transported across the test network.
The VMUX features the TDMoIP framing and aggregation technique that delivers superior bandwidth-efficiency, down to 4kb/s per channel and supports voice activity detection (VAD), silence suppression and comfort noise generation (CNG), the company claims.
The district replaced the VoIP equipment with IPmux TDMoIP gateways from RAD Data Communications, Mahwah, NJ.
TDMoIP supports modems and faxes at full speed and H.320 video, ATM, frame relay and ISDN over IP, at less than one-third of the price of VoIP.
It claimed RAD's products, especially the TDMoIP offerings, will provide it with a competitive edge in the voice and data market.
The company also provided its IPmux series of TDMoIP gateways, which can transport E1 lines and phone calls transparently using a GbE interface at the IP DSLAM.
RAD Data Communications has implemented its IPmux TDM over IP (TDMoIP) gateway for HighSpeed Office, a UK-based provider of advanced communications solutions.
The IPmux TDMoIP gateway provides converged voice and data services for HighSpeed Office's business customers.
The product will be formed from the IPmux TDMoIP gateway from RAD integrated with the True Broadband Gigabit Ethernet solution from Narad.