TDNATexas Daily Newspaper Association
TDNATraining and Development Needs Analysis (various organizations)
TDNATime-Domain Network Analysis
TDNATruth in Domain Names Act of 2003
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The process of modifying the tDNA to Canada involved a group of experts who reviewed and considered revising all of the topics outlined in the global template [5].
Longview News-Journal Publisher Gary Borders has been named president of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association (TDNA).
Frequency dependent behavior of the system can he obtained from the time domain (TD) measurements using IConnect software that employ a so-called time domain network analysis technique (TDNA) (2).
These parameters are employed by the software to determine the level of DNA damage as: (i) the percentage of the fragmented DNA (TDNA), and (ii) tail moment (TMOM) expressed as the product of TD (distance between head and tail) and TDNA.
The frequency-dependent behavior of the system can be calculated from the time-domain (TD) measurements using the time-domain network analysis technique (TDNA).
The nature of the administration's criminal TDNA and modus operandi, however, shows up in a usefully robust specimen of its characteristic dishonesty.
Prior to the 1997 Texas legislative session, the Texas Daily Newspaper Association (TDNA) -- where I serve as director of legislative and governmental affairs -- conducted a survey to determine what issues were most important to our members.
By 1974 the so-called TDNA was identified in plasmids as the source of TIP (Braun, 1982; Nester et al., 1984; Powell & Gordon, 1989).
CCA addition to the tDNA minihelices requires a 2[prime] as well as a 3[prime] OH at the 3[prime] terminus of the tDNA.
[79] induced genetic diversity in rice by chemical (EMS) or biological mutagenesis (TDNA) and found mutants in elite genetic backgrounds with higher cell wall saccharification; this opens the possibility of using nonedible organs for bioethanol production.