TDOATime Difference Of Arrival
TDOATexas Department on Aging (est. 1981)
TDOATemporary Domestic Off-Site Assignment
TDOATennessee Department of Agriculture
TDOATennessee Division of Archaeology (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation)
TDOATime or Direction Of Arrival
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In this paper, we focus on a 2-D target localization problem based on TDOA measurements with inaccurate collaborative sensors in a multipath environment.
Chang, "A TDOA location scheme in OFDM based WMANs," IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, vol.
RSSI is used along with TDoA and ToA in the work of Laaraiedh et al.
In [20], the CS theory was utilized to estimate time difference of arrival (TDOA) and obtained higher estimation accuracy than the generalized cross-correlation (GCC) method.
And the maximum overshoots and time difference of arrival (TDOA, defined as the time difference ([t.sub.PFC] - [t.sub.FL_PFC]) between the two methods for the vehicle to do the switching maneuver near the waypoint) displayed in the areas A, B, C, D, E, and F are listed in Table 2.
An application of the proposed improved UKF method to the mobile source localization problem is provided, where we consider source localization by a network of passive sensors using noisy time difference of arrival (TDOA) measurements.
If location accuracy is crucial for the application, other techniques such as Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) with multiple synchronized MSs could be used to improve the location accuracy [4, 15, 16].
Canclini et al., "A geometrical-statistical approach to outlier removal for TDOA measurements," IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol.
The other model-based techniques are time of arrival (ToA) [11], time difference of arrival (TDoA) [12], and angle of arrival (AoA) [13].
In the range-based positioning there are several different methods to obtain a distance between nodes in RF networks: techniques that translate the radio signal strength into distance (RSS), time of flight (TOF), time of arrival (TOA) or differenced time of arrival (TDOA) described in (Chen et al., 2012; Lourenco et al., 2013) or angle of arrival (AOA) (Peng and Sichitiu, 2006).
Time delay or Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) permits inferring the position of a determined sound source according to the difference of intensity, given the different paths established up to the sensor.