TDOFTwo Degrees of Freedom
TDOFThree Degrees of Freedom (band)
TDOFThe Dungeon of Friends (gaming)
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Each TDOF gives rise to a hyperboloid that is the locus of all candidate spatial points that are consistent with that TDOF.
Note that (17) implies that comparisons are the only operations required to perform the coherence test, since the TDOF bounds for each cuboid can be precomputed just once and stored in a lookup table.
Each TDOF information is usually consistent with several cuboids and thus does not suffice to determine the cuboid that indeed contains the sensor; in fact, one has to aggregate information from all loudspeakers in order to choose the cuboid that most likely contains the sensor.
At this point, it might be clear that the practical issues mentioned in Section 2.4 impair the accuracy of the TOF or TDOF estimates.
Such refinement represents the core procedure of this method, which updates the current set of TOF (or TDOF) candidates and may even include a procedure for discarding some CCFs/GCCs from which one cannot extract a reliable TOF (or TDOF) estimate [23].
Such constraints can be employed to perform a smart selection of the TOFs--remember that (18) indicates whether some TDOF data is coherent with a given cuboid.
Observe that, by working with TDOFs, the Da approach eliminates the systematic error b, as stated in Section 2.2.
It is worth pointing out the strong dependence of the LS solutions on the estimated TOFs or TDOFs, whose errors may have a harmful effect on the localization accuracy.
For example, the impact of the affine model in (9) on the performance of SRP-inspired solutions should be studied, especially with regard to the bias b (this problem does not appear in SSL techniques, for they use TDOFs).
Figure 10 and Table 4 show that the ODOF and TDOF models failed to predict the seat transmissibility obtained in the WRC test.
Abbreviations: 3-D = three-dimensional, ANOVA = analysis of variance, ISO = International Organization for Standardization, MTS = material testing system, ODOF = one-degree-of-freedom, PSD = power spectral density, SAE = Society of Automotive Engineers, TDOF = two-degree-of-freedom, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VAPHS = VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, VDV = vibration dose value, WBV = whole-body vibration, WC = wheelchair, WRC = WC road course.
Parameters of one-degree-of-freedom (ODOF) model and two-degree-of-freedom (TDOF) model of apparent mass of human body.