TDPATotally Degradable Plastic Additive
TDPAThiodipropionic Acid (chemistry)
TDPATactical Deception Planning Aid
TDPATeacher Due Process Act (Oklahoma)
TDPATower District Preservation Association (Fresno, CA)
TDPATactical Deception Planning Analyzer
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agreed to begin the preliminary formulation for it's proprietary DIAMANT FILM using TDPA Oxo-Biodegradable Technology to create BIO-DIAMANT FILM with EPI Environmental Products Inc.
In PSO case Rs 193 million, TDPA case Rs 342 million, Rs 790 in money laundering and Rs 986 million has been recovered by FIA in ETPB case.
In TDPA technology, the additive accelerates the oxidation of the plastic, which causes it to become brittle and susceptible to degradation by, for example, moisture and microbes.