TDPATotally Degradable Plastic Additive
TDPAThiodipropionic Acid (chemistry)
TDPATactical Deception Planning Aid
TDPATeacher Due Process Act (Oklahoma)
TDPATower District Preservation Association (Fresno, CA)
TDPATactical Deception Planning Analyzer
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TDPA explain-regarding: Randox Laboratories/RIQAS to <C.
TDPAs are also used to calculate the Standard Deviation for Performance Assessment (SDPA).
In PSO case Rs 193 million, TDPA case Rs 342 million, Rs 790 in money laundering and Rs 986 million has been recovered by FIA in ETPB case.
Omniplast uses the Totally Degradable Plastic Additives (TDPA) technology from Vancouver-based EPI Environmental Products, Inc., in the manufacture of its poly bags.
Tenders are invited for Rectification of lightning affected items at BTS Parakadavu & Karimban in connection with Providing annual comprehensive maintenance of Electromechanical services in BTS sites under BSNL ESD MPZA & TDPA for a period of one year