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The actual number of days the company's payable is outstanding (i.e., its TDPO) has not changed at all, but the conventional DPO metric jumps by 100 percent (from 20 days to 40 days) at 30-day terms, when the only change has been the date of the delivery.
1, the PEC object surfaces are partitioned into TDIE and TDPO regions which are denoted by [S.sup.IE] and [S.sup.PO], respectively.
In contrast to the TDIE solution, the coefficients [[J.sup.PO].sub.n,j] are obtained through the TDPO approximation [14], and given by
The shadowing effects of point [??] in the TDPO region with respect to the current densities [[??].sup.IE] and [[??].sup.IE] are also included in (13) by the coefficients [[delta].sub.J,n] and [[delta].sub.I,n].
In [20], the TDPO current density is determined solely by local and time dependent magnetic field strength [[??].sup.i]([??],t).
Therefore, with the PO projection procedure employed, the coefficients in the TDPO region are expressed as
In (16), the electric field radiated by the TDPO currents is taken into account, while the effects of currents in the TDIE region are included in (15).
In this section, TDIPO would be employed to calculate the transient backscattered field of a simple structure to test its accuracy against TDPO and FDTD, as well as MLFMA.
Therefore in rough surface scattering problem, especially that with small roughness (such as parameters used for generating rough surface examples in Figure 2 at focused frequency band in this paper), TDIPO and TDPO would give similar results with not much disparity, which means TDPO is accurate enough for this case.
Therefore, those interactions will make the backscattered field increase in magnitude, exceeding the availability of TDPO. Moreover, the amplitude for [[theta].sub.i] = 45[degrees] is larger than that for [[theta].sub.i] = 30[degrees], simply because more power is scattered back into the incidence direction for the case of [[theta].sub.i] = 45[degrees].
Through the verification example and other numerical methods, one can find that TDPO is not accurate enough when dealing with complex structure with multiple scattering effects, whereas TDIPO enhanced by TDEEC could give accurate result, showing good agreement with FDTD.
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