TDRATrademark Dilution Revision Act
TDRATransitional Darfur Regional Authority (Sudan)
TDRATreasury Department Recreation Association (US Department of the Treasury)
TDRATemporary Dual Residence Assistance (Canada)
TDRATop Down Requirements Analysis (US Navy)
TDRATax Deferred Retirement Account
TDRATheory of Dual Radiation Action
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According to the deal, if the Darfur people vote for merging the states into one region, the TDRA shall form a constitutional committee to determine the powers of Darfur's regional governments.
The TDRA and its blurring factors came to be through numerous case decisions; however, since its enactment, there has yet to be an effective challenge to the TDRA blurring factors for their effectiveness, utility, or relevance.
As I explained above, the TDRA covers only blurring and
First is the single element equilateral triangular DRA (TDRA) shown in Fig.
When the Disaster Recovery Division was dissolved in February 2011, the women were told that some employees would be asked to stay with the TDRA, but according to the lawsuit, there was no application to determine who would stay employed, and the jobs went to two men.
change to the FTDA and played a key role in passing the TDRA. (264) The
(164) The TDRA was finally launched in April of 2007 (165)
(210.) The TDRA lists six factors that courts should consider in
At the beginning of the program, TDRA, which had originally been charged with handling the nonhousing portion of the funds, contracted with HNTB to handle about 2,300 projects in exchange for $16.6 million.
Al-Sessi said that the Transitional Darfur Regional Authority (TDRA) is one for the people of the region, and not confined for the Liberation and Justice Movement or certain tribes.
(111) The 2006 amendments enacted by the TDRA struck the prior
(13) Presently, Congress appears close to enacting the Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006 ("TDRA").