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In mammals, 12 members of TDRD family proteins were identified since Drosophila tudor protein was discovered (Ying and Chen, 2012).
TDRD12 has been recently characterized as a TDRD family protein which has two tudor domains and a DEAD box.
Antibody against mouse TDRD 12 was generated by immunizing rabbits with the keyhole-limpet hemocyanin-conjugated synthetic peptide SQRPNEKPLPLTEKKDC that corresponded to amino acid residues 318-334 (Youngin Frontier, Seoul, Korea).
To examine the expression of Tdrd family members in tissues, RT-PCR analysis was performed using total RNAs from various tissues; liver, intestine, heart, brain, kidney, lung, brain, uterus, ovary, and testis (Figure 1).
To analyze TDRD 12 protein level in testis, we generated specific antibody against mouse TDRD12 using a small peptide SQRPNEKPLPLTEKKDC (318th to 334th amino acids of mouse TDRD12).
Next, we examined the co-localization of TDRD12 with TDRD1 which is a well characterized TDRD family member.