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participated in a temporary disability retirement list (TDRL)
(85) Members placed on the TDRL will receive a minimum of 50
Eighteen (55%) subjects were placed on TDRL during at least one of their PEB evaluations prior to final medical retirement.
Of the 18 service members that were placed on TDRL, 7 subjects with an initial muscle condition rating were granted a higher (more disabling) rating at their final retirement evaluation compared to their initial evaluations (35% final rating [range 20%-60%] versus 20% initial rating [range 10%-40%], P=.0313).
The remaining 2 service members had VML disability ratings which did not increase or decrease between their initial TDRL evaluations and their final medical retirement dispositions, one with a 20% VML disability rating and one with a 30% VML disability rating.
ISSs were similar across all branches of service for servicemembers with amputation (Table 4) but substantially (p = 0.05) lower among servicemembers with amputation who were found to be COAD or Fit (16.5, standard error of mean [SEM] = 0.94) compared with those servicemembers with amputation who were TDRL or PR (20.2, SEM = 0.4).
More so, receiving a disposition of COAD, PR, TDRL, or Fit does not mean that each individual can perform the same tasks.
Abbreviations: COAD = continuation on Active Duty, Fit = fit for duty, ISS = Injury Severity Score, MAD = military amputation database, MLA = major limb amputation, OEF = Operation Enduring Freedom, OIF = Operation Iraqi Freedom, OND = Operation New Dawn, PEBLO = Physical Evaluation Liaison Office, PR = permanently retired, RTD = return to duty, SEM = standard error of mean, SWSP = separated with severance pay without disability pay, TDRL = temporarily disabled retired list, ULA = upper-limb amputation.
Other circuits, however, have reached the opposite conclusion in cases involving TDRL or terminal leave.
1998) (holding that the medical malpractice suffered by the plaintiff, who was on TDRL but "was subject to ...
disability retirement or are placed on the TDRL based on a
Shifting Disability Determinations and TDRL Examinations to the VA.