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TDRSSTracking & Data Relay Satellite System
TDRSSTracking and Data Relay Satellite Services
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The issue of the dynamic relay satellite scheduling, which focuses on assigning time resource to user tasks, has been an important concern in the TDRSS system [2].
Load all of the known opportunities (AFSCN visibilities, TDRSS visibilities, and procedures that have already been preplanned by hand or from previous runs of ASPEN).
Using the TDRSS should not be a problem at first, but we'll have to see how things shape up later [when observations become more frequent]," Doxsey says.
Harris said that it will lead the effort to replace all equipment and software in the space-to-ground link of NASA's TDRSS.
The South Pole TDRSS Relay II Project (SPTR II) upgrade will use RT Logic supplied Telemetrix 1200HDR (T1200HDR high data rate modem, Telemetrix 400XR modem and the Telemetrix 500HR high rate front processor, which will be combined to enable the relay of science data to the White Sands Complex at data transfer rates of up to 300Mb/s.
5 kW average to payload Data relay via TDRSS 300 Mbps (max.