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For example, TDSB data provide a wealth of information about educational disparities across race, ethnicity, language, and SES.
After the uproar, the flag was returned to the Forest Hill Collegiate Institute's main foyer and the( TDSB apologized.
(2010) used school data from the TDSB to examine the high school completion of immigrant students in Toronto, compared with the majority of native-born English-speaking students.
In order to offer these opportunities to as many students as possible, TDSB has compiled a database of about 30,000 participating employers (Singmaster, 2016a).
It is important to note that with respect to selecting new sites for schooling, the process is somewhat different for the TDSB, as "unlike other Ontario school boards, the TDSB is required to address the majority of infrastructure renewal and enrollment growth pressures (including building new schools) from its own sources." (30) Practically, the TDSB has to generate revenue by either selling or leasing existing property.
In particular, 42% of Black students enrolled in Toronto District School Board (TDSB) schools in 1987 were no longer registered and did not graduate from high school in 1992 (RCOL, 1994).
In Dubai parents are paying Dhs4.1 billion in tuition fees (not including all the other fees) while the cost of education for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) was (Canadian dollars) $2.8 billion, or Dhs9.1 billion, which is paid by property taxes.
In 2006 Edgewood Public School started on the ARC (accommodation review committee) journey as part of a process whereby neighboring secondary schools and K-6 feeder schools carefully examined the teaching and learning in this family of schools (FOS) in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).
The values of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) reflect this multicultural demographic.
There is hard evidence to support these assertions and one cannot deny this fact without an egg in one's face (see King 2005; Brown 1993; Dei, Mazzuca, McIsaac and Zine 1997, and TDSB 2009, among many other works).
27) public school boards, particularly those in Toronto (TDSB) have also attracted their share of unwanted media attention.