TDSCDMATime Division Synchronous Cdma
TDSCDMATime Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access
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Furthermore, the application of the company's WinIQSIM simulation software facilitates the generation of signals for additional standards (cdmaOne, 3GPP TDD or TDSCDMA, for example).
Common ones include: CDMA2000 based on 2G Code Division Multiple Access, WCDMA (UMTS) Wideband Code Division Multiple Access, TDSCDMA Timedivision Synchronous Codedivision Multiple Access.
Industry watchers estimated MediaTek's entry into 3G chip manufacturing would make it a powerful competitor to Qualcomm in both TDSCDMA and WCDMA markets given Qualcomm's plan to introduce TD-SCDMA chips next year.
The 4500B can be used in many applications including pulsed RF such as radar, TDMA and GSM, pseudorandom or noise-like signals such as CDMA and WLAN and modulated time slotted signals such as GSM-EDGE and TDSCDMA.
These capabilities enable simulation of wireless designs to WLAN, 3GPP and TDSCDMA standards.
TU-PM-OF-4: On the EMC Issues When WCDMA Coexisted With TDSCDMA
The world's biggest telecom operator has held talks with Apple on the development of an iPhone that uses China's home-grown TDSCDMA 3G standard, Wang said at the company's annual shareholder meeting.