TDSDTemperature Dependent Sex Determination (biology)
TDSDTraining & Development Services Division (Washington state government)
TDSDTest-Driven Spreadsheet Development
TDSDTransient Digestive System Disorder
TDSDTime-Dependent Scatter Diagram
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Thus, risk-seeking investors exhibit FDSD (SDSD, TDSD) if their utility functions u belong to [U.sup.D.sub.1] ([U.sup.D.sub.2], [U.sup.D.sub.3]).
This implies that futures stochastically dominate spot in the sense of both SDSD and TDSD and risk seekers prefer futures to spot to maximize their expected utilities.
Here, FASD, SASD, and TASD (FDSD, SDSD, and TDSD) refer to first-, second-, and third-order ASD (DSD) for risk averters (risk seekers) defined in Definition 1 (2).