TDSRTotal Debt Service Ratio (mortgtage qualification)
TDSRTransmitter Data Service Request
TDSRTemporary Debris Storage and Reduction (various locations)
TDSRTraditional Dwellings and Settlements Review (journal; International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments)
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As a complete large-scale solution, the remote-site eTDSR can be combined with the data center level Talksum Data Stream Router (TDSR) to bring real-time decisioning to IoT and Smart Cities.
The eTDSR, in conjunction with the TDSR, overcomes all of these challenges.
The Talksum Data Stream Router, or TDSR, provides a real- time data center product that is perfect for Big Data initiatives that require massive amounts of data processing.
The company's platform technology, TDSR, is a patented physio-chemical and mathematical process for designing a system capable of temporarily neutralizing the skin's barrier function, enabling delivery to or through the skin, to local tissues or to the whole body, of a very wide range of compounds with pharmaceutical or cosmetic value.
The computed results adhere to the current TDSR framework and other regulations, including the recent changes to rules for purchasing Executive Condominiums (ECs).
Users can also download a customized report that explains in greater detail the effects of the TDSR framework and other financing regulations on their home buying decision.