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TDTTelevisión Digital Terrestre (digital television type, Spain)
TDTTemple Daily Telegram (newspaper)
TDTTerminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (biochemistry)
TDTtransmission disequilibrium test
TDTTopic Detection and Tracking (datamining)
TDTTerrestrial Dynamical Time (obsolete form of TT)
TDTTransaction Dump Table
TDTTerrestrial Digital Television
TDTTurbo Diesel Touring
TDTTourist Development Tax
TDTTucker-Davis Technologies (Alachua, FL)
TDTToronto Dance Theatre
TDTTag Data Translation
TDTTime Domain Transmission
TDTTraining Development Team (various organizations)
TDTTasmanian Digital Television (Australia)
TDTTransonic Dynamics Tunnel
TDTThermal Decay Time
TDTThe Domino Theory (band)
TDTTredegar Development Trust (UK)
TDTTheater Display Terminal
TDTTransparent Digital Transmodulator (telecommunications)
TDTTotal Decompression Time
TDTTest Data Team
TDTTarget Designator Transmitter
TDTTactical Display Terminal
TDTTentative Discharge Tomorrow
TDTTraining Development Technician
TDTTiming with Dirty Templates Algorithm
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(45.) "'Raider' Tactics Blasted at Mass Meeting," TDT, 20 February 1950.
TDT patients were randomly selected from Fatimid foundation center Hyderabad during June 2015 to May 2016.
In summary, patients with TDT develop iron overload from frequent and necessary blood transfusion in addition to the increased absorption due to the increased erythropoietic requirement and potentially mutations in the HFE gene.
En algunas demarcaciones conllevo la reduccion de emisoras publicas, ya que existian mas analogicas que canales de TDT (Corominas et al, 2007; Corominas, 2009; Monedero, 2012).
A final diagnosis of MYC-rearranged high-grade B-cell neoplasm stage IV (leptomeningeal and bone marrow involvement), IPI 4, with Tdt expression, likely representing early relapse/transformation of previous MYC-rearranged DLBCL was agreed upon at a multidisciplinary meeting.
Dos anos despues, en 2016, el ecosistema televisivo digital crecio hasta los 30 canales en TDT. Pero resulta alarmante que, de acuerdo a las cifras divulgadas por ARCOTEL (2016), el pais presente un abismal desequilibrio digital interprovincial.
El proposito de la investigacion es determinar los formatos televisivos vigentes en la transicion hacia la TDT en los paises andinos e identificar el formato adecuado para que los canales de television locales generen nuevos contenidos.
The pathological and physiological mechanism of olanzapine-induced TDt is not clear.
"Job prospects from Ontario pipeline projects are great for Ontario workers who would otherwise have to travel to Western Canada to apply their skill sets," said COO Todd Clyde, of TDT Crews Ltd.
The TDT technology is intended to explore techniques for detecting the appearance of new topics and tracking the reappearance and evolution of them, and is widely used to detect network hot topics.
Esta obra coordinada por Lazaro, Mora y Sorzano es la union de diferentes articulos de expertos en el area de menores y tecnologias, en concreto, en la Television Digital Terrestre (TDT) e Internet.
Siempre de acuerdo a Cofetel, en noviembre de 2014 iniciaran las pruebas de transicion a la TDT en las ciudades de Mexico y Guadalajara.