TDTDTime-Delay Transmit Diversity
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The content of this vector depends upon the TDTD antenna array geometry, that is, disturbed exciting delays for uniform geometries (USA and UCRA) and antenna positions for nonuniform geometries (RA and RNUCRA).
We opted to use the SQP algorithm as an approach for the synthesis of the TDTD antenna arrays for its good performance in solving constrained optimization problems with nonlinear multivariable functions.
In the next section, the obtained results are described by applying this algorithm in the synthesis of TDTD antenna arrays.
It is important to state that the SLL in these TDTD antenna arrays remains similar when the main beam is steered to any direction ([[theta].sub.0m], [[phi].sub.0m]) of the space.
Hence, the TDTD antenna arrays give us the opportunity to obtain a high resolution steering with low SLL in the energy pattern in time domain.