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Phase A Panalane H-300E (Lipo Chemicals, Inc.) 58.00 (Hydrogenated polyisobutene) Liponate TDTM (Lipo Chemicals, Inc.) 35.00 (Tridecyl trimellitate) Phase B Hotact VBE (Lipo (Takasago) 0.25 (Vanillyl butyl ether) Liponate (Lipo Chemicals, Inc.) 6.55 (PEG-4 diheptanoate) Propylparaben (Ruger Chemical) 0.20 (Propylparaben) PROCEDURE: Mix phase A at room temperature.
Phase A Beeswax (white) (Hansotech) 8.00 Candellila Wax (Frank Ross & Co.) 4.00 Carnauba Wax (Strahl & Pitsch) 6.00 Permethyl 102A (Presperse) 6.00 (isoeicosane) Permethyl 104A (Presperse) 3.50 (polyisobutene) Liponate IPP (Lipo Chemicals) 11.00 (isopropyl palmitate) Liponate TDTM (Lipo Chemicals) 10.00 (tridecyl trimellitate) Liponate 2-DH (Lipo Chemicals) 4.00 (PEG-4 diheptanoate) Lipovol CO (Lipo Chemicals) 29.85 (castor oil) Phase B Propylparaben USP (ISP) 0.10 Tenox BHA (Eastman Chemicals) 0.05 Sericite PHN (Presperse) 1.50 (mica) Flonac MM-10C (Presperse) 2.00 (mica (and) titanium dioxide) Phase C Titanium Dioxide 328 (50% in CO) 4.00 (titanium dioxide (and) castor oil) D&C Red No.
Phase A Naturebead B20 (Presperse) 7.20 (carnauba (copermicia Cerifera) wax (and) beeswax) Permethyl 106A (Presperse) 2.00 (polyisobutene) Paraffin Wax SP 673 (Strahl & Pitsch) 2.00 (paraffin) Candellila Wax (Strahl & Pitsch) 2.40 Ganex WP-660 (ISP) 8.00 (tricontanyl PVP) Lipolan (Lipo Chemicals) 4.08 (hydrogenated lanolin) Salacos 99 (Ikeda America) 12.00 (isononyl isononanoate) Liponate TDTM (Lipo Chemicals) 5.00 (tridecyl trimellitate) Beeswax NF (Hansotech) 3.00 Permethyl 101A (Presperse) 15.15 (isohexadecane) Phase B Titanium Dioxide 50%/C0 (Tronox) 5.00 (titanium dioxide (and) castor oil) Cosmetic Brown Iron Oxide 33%/C0 2.10 (iron oxide (and) castor oil) D&C #7 CA Lake 33%/C0 3.40 (D&C Red No.
Phase A Luxsil (Presperse) 1.00 (calcium aluminum borosilicate) Beeswax (white) (Hansotech) 7.00 (beeswax) Candellila Wax (Frank Ross Co.) 7.50 Carnauba Wax (Strahl & Pitsch) 8.00 Permethyl 102A (Presperse) 13.00 (polyisobutene) Permethyl 104A (Presperse) 12.00 (polyisobutene) Ceraphyl 368 (ISP) 15.00 (octyl palmitate) Liponate TDTM (Lipo) 19.40 (tridecyl trimellitate) 13.00 Eutanol G (Henkel/Cospha) 12.5 (octyldodecanol) Lipovol CO (Lipo) 4.00 (castor oil) Phase B Vitamin E Acetate (BASF) 0.30 (tocopherol acetate) Propylparaben USP (ISP) 0.20 Butylparaben (Protameen) 0.10 PROCEDURE: Combine phase A ingredients; heat to 85[degrees]C.