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TDU "intervened" to argue that the best way to begin cleaning up the union was not trusteeship - government control - but to give members the right to vote for their top officers (a right, then and now, enjoyed by only a minority of U.S.
It lacks the sort of membership structure that TDU had elaborated by the time of the Carey campaign.
La Botz -- who, as a former TDU activist, makes no claim to objectivity -- tells the story of these efforts by rank-and-file Teamsters to change their organization in a slightly unconventional way: through the eyes of the reformers themselves.
X-rays later revealed the damage, forcing Sky to withdraw him from the TDU.
The cooling and penetrating characteristics of AFFF most probably would have prevented the flare up in the TDU can during the overhaul process.
Standing in Hoffa's way, as usual, is TDU, the Detroit-based network of Teamsters dissidents and its candidate, Tom Leedham, a feisty local officer from Portland, Oregon, who won 39 percent of the vote in a three-way race in 1998.
The cells are joined in tube distribution units (TDUs) or junction boxes using push-fit connectors to provide a direct route between the network hub and the application.
The heads of most internationals today are far more like the stick-to-protocol-even-if-you-lose local leaders in Detroit than like the rabble-rousers of TDU. To produce more victories will take more risks, more trust in the ranks, more ferment from below than incumbent union leaders can imagine.
Steve Henderson, a UPS driver in West Virginia, says surveillance was used to harass and target him because he is a TDU member and was active in the strike.
The meeting, called by TDU, reflected some of the ambiguities of success in the new "clean, democratic union." Among the activists were a few International Vice Presidents, some Teamster staffers, a significant number of local union officials, and a majority of rank and filers.
"It's certainly better than nothing," said Ken Paff, organizer for the dissident Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), which has been chiding Teamsters President James.