TDUSTransmission Dependent Utility Systems (electricity supplier)
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(20.) Midwest TDUs include Madison Gas & Electric Company, Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission, Midwest Municipal Transmission Group, Missouri River Energy Services, Prairie Power, Inc., and WPPI Energy.
Alpha might exercise a certain amount of market power over its TDUs absent the merger.
Section VIII.A discusses the limited circumstances under which each of these two factors separately would lead to a relevant market limited to Alpha's TDUs.
PRICE DISCRIMINATION In order for one to justify identification of Alpha's TDUs as a geographic market based on price discrimination, utilities would have to be in a position to target Alpha's TDUs for a significant price increase relative to both the price that would prevail absent the merger and prices in surrounding areas.
TRANSMISSION CONSTRAINTS The next issue is to identify circumstances under which, absent price discrimination, a transmission constraint would justify delineation of Alpha's TDUs as a relevant market for purposes of analyzing a merger involving Alpha.
In order to determine whether it is appropriate to delineate Alpha's TDUs as a relevant market for a merger based on limited import capability into Alpha's area, the first step is to set out a competitive theory that would be consistent with delineation of such a market.
Rack mount TDUs, which can hold both tube cables and individual tube cells, are designed to work with standard 19" or 23" equipment racks for indoor tube cable termination.
The key to both the Navy cleanup job and the Nigerian contract is Ganco's expertise with the use of a thermal desorption unit (TDU), a huge burner that cooks out contamination, primarily carcinogenic hydrocarbons, and leaves the soil sterile.
The Nigerian deal came about unexpectedly at Tarmac's headquarters last June, when Patrick Garrett met several Nigerian officials who were buying a TDU for a huge project and needed help running it.
It purchased a $1.5 million TDU especially for the project, then spent another $500,000 customizing it.
Although massive and expensive, the job of sterilizing soil by use of a thermal desorption unit (TDU) is relatively simple.
Unused cells are simply capped within the TDUs. In this way, network expansion or reconfiguration can easily be accommodated by extending tube cables from the nearest TDU.