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TDVTanz der Vampire (German: Dance of the Vampire)
TDVTest Device
TDVTeen Dating Violence
TDVTony De Vit
TDVToyota de Venezuela (Spanish: Venezuela Toyota)
TDVThe Digital Village (digital media/communications company; UK; est. 1994)
TDVTime Dependent Valuation (energy)
TDVTDVision (high definition stereo 3D acquisition, broadcast and playback)
TDVTriple Duty Valve
TDVThéatre de Verre (French: Glass Theater; France)
TDVTruth, Duty, Valour (motto of The Royal Military College of Canada)
TDVTruth Duty Valour (TV show)
TDVTechnische Dienstvorschrift (German Army)
TDVTotal Document Volume (office automation)
TDVThéatre des Variétés (French: Variety Theater; Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
TDVTechnology Development Vehicle
TDVTemporary Design Variation
TDVTechnical Data Violation (USAF)
TDVTime Dependent Variable
TDVTorrent de Vie (French: Torrent Life; Brussels, Belgium; est. 1995)
TDVTête De Veau (French: calf head)
TDVTechnical Data Verification
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Since its establishment in 1990, the Institute provides higher education in Islamic Studies with the TDV covering the costs of education and other activities related to the Institute.
The California Title 24 code's Time Dependent Value (TDV) metric relies on modeled hourly site energy (kWh and therms) estimates.
"These data support phase III evaluation of the efficacy and safety of TDV given in a two-dose schedule 3 months apart, with analyses that take into account baseline age and dengue serostatus."
As a result, California uses a type of real-time pricing in its cost-effectiveness analysis called time dependent valuation (TDV).
(3) No obstante, es de aclarar la importancia de los materiales pretextuales de TDV, los cuales corresponden a tres mecanuscritos que se encuentran en el archivo patrimonial de la Biblioteca Publica Piloto Para America Latina de la ciudad de Medellin.
Name Pressure (MPa) Temperature (K) 110 7.0 28.78 210 7.0 28.78 310 7.0 28.78 510 6.3 28.78 495 3.15 28.78 TABLE 6: Record of mass flows from TDVs. Starting TDV Mass flow rate through TDJ 110 13.25 210 0.41 310 0.41 510 4.54 TABLE 7: Flow areas, lengths, and volumes of RELAP components.
[14] Campbell MJ, Swinscow TDV (1997) Statistics at Square One (BMJ Publishing Group, London), 9th Ed.
Chief editor and founder of Dollar vigilante (TDV) and Jeff Berwick, investment analyst, said he has released his book Shemitah Trends: The Plot to Enslave Humanity And How to Find Freedom, which deals with disastrous events that may take place in mid-September 2015, the Shemitah end-day, and continue for a year or more.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- People were provided applied earthquake training as part of a project launched jointly by Turkey Earthquake Association (TDV) and Mobile Earthquake Simulation Training Vehicle (MODSEA) in ystanbul's KadykE[micro]y district on Monday.