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TDVPTime-Dependent Variational Principle
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They have--controversially for many--motivated consciousness as a core component of both TDVP and 9D spin, and they have argued that consciousness necessarily always needs to be linked to space and time.
However, we avoid attributing man-made qualities to these terms: Natural law is fundamental to TDVP.
TDVP carefully describes the C-substrate and delineates different kinds of consciousness.
In TDVP, psi involves relative non-locality not absolute nonlocality.
TDVP does not assume that "consciousness" is necessarily a "particle": It is a remote theoretical speculation.
Systems theory, which is incorporated within TDVP, is an important, specialized area (e.
This brings TDVP out of the realm of philosophical speculation into the realm of practical science.
Important question: TDVP recognizes reality and does not regard any component as an illusion.
TDVP is far broader than just the specific discipline of physics.
TDVP draws some speculative conclusions linking the finite and the infinite.
A minor clarification: TDVP was written by two scientists in different disciplines who complimented each other professionally.