TDWRTerminal Doppler Weather Radar
TDWRTexas Department of Water Resources
TDWRTalent Deserving Wider Recognition
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These two parents also had similar relative TDW (TDWR, the ratio of TDW under ST and CK conditions), indicating that the plant growth of these two parents had similar sensitivity to salt stress.
Data from TDWR were ingested in network common data form (NetCDF) format with full volume scans being reconstructed using each tilt during the preprocessing procedure.
This contract is related to an upgrade programme for the TDWR radars.
Nueces Bay receives most of its sediment from the Nueces River (TDWR 1981).
The TDWR, on the other hand, focuses directly on the problem of air travel and air safety.
Unlike with pulsed radar systems, communication systems such as the U-NII devices have high transmit duty cycles that preclude filtering by single-pulse interference filters like the one implemented in the TDWR (Cho 2011).
The northern and western boundaries of the South and East regions, respectively, conform to basin boundaries, and the eastern boundary of the High Plains region follows the upper zone (county) boundaries of TDWR (1984), thereby facilitating the use of the TWDB data compilations.
A C-band terminal Doppler weather radar (TDWR) is currently under development for use in the airport terminal area.
Doppler radars like NEXRAD and TDWR can directly measure winds aloft.
(2005) summarized the observational needs for improved nowcasting, including enhanced surface network, polarimetric radar, enhanced Doppler radar coverage by integrating Weather Surveillance Radar-1988 Doppler (WSR-88D), Terminal Doppler Weather Radars (TDWR), and X-band radars, and profiling the boundary layer.