TDWRTerminal Doppler Weather Radar
TDWRTexas Department of Water Resources
TDWRTalent Deserving Wider Recognition
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TDWR suggests that energy levels required for erosion of sediments is dominated by winds and wind-generated waves in Nueces Bay because tidal range is low, 0.
In effect, the TDWR looks at the weather on a local basis, the Nexrad on a continental basis, and the third, a space-based design, examines it from a global basis.
And now we have the TDWR (Terminal Doppler Weather Radar), which is functionally like a miniature NEXRAD.
Controllers can also get a surprising amount of detailed weather information not only from NEXRAD and TDWR but also from the Weather Systems Processor attached to many ATC radars.
These devices, while not authorized in the TDWR band, can sometimes be easily tuned to different frequencies by the operator.
However, investigations by the FAA and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) showed that the DFS was either being deliberately disabled by the U-NII operator or was not effectively detecting the TDWR (Pigg 2009; Carroll et al.
The northern and western boundaries of the South and East regions, respectively, conform to basin boundaries, and the eastern boundary of the High Plains region follows the upper zone (county) boundaries of TDWR (1984), thereby facilitating the use of the TWDB data compilations.
Runoff was taken from the basin computations of TDWR (1984) and groundwater recharge estimates are taken from Muller and Price (1979); both were cumulated by region.
Until new U-NII equipment is certified and meets revised FCC rules, the database solution will be employed to facilitate coordination between U-NII band device users and the FAA's TDWR sites.
The contract is Raytheon's first international order for the TDWR, which is designed to detect hazardous weather, including wind shear, in and around airports.
TDWR is designed to detect hazardous weather and wind shear near U.
This is the first Raytheon TDWR sold internationally, and is the first to incorporate the Night Hawk 5800 Series.