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Increasing N fertilization level influenced shoot fresh weight (SFWT; P=0.099), shoot dry weight (SDWT; P=0.077), root dry weight (RDWT; P=0.084), and total plant dry weight (TDWT; P=0.096), but not root fresh weight (RFWT; P=0.205) and total plant fresh weight (TFWT; P=0.228).
Changing the ratio of N[H.sub.4.sup.+]:N[O.sub.3.sup.-] influenced RFWT (P=0.10) but did not influenced SFWT (P=0.537), TFWT (P=0.359), SDWT (P=0.566), RDWT (P=0.184), or TDWT (P=0.636).
Finally, a weight-based gonado-somatic index (GSI) and fecundity (i.e., number of eggs per clam) were estimated from the following relationships: (1) GSI = quantity of egg protein estimated from ELISA x 2.67/total dry weight (TDWT), where the constant 2.67 is the conversion factor of egg protein to egg dry weight; (2) Fecundity = quantity of eggs estimated from ELISA/ weight of a single egg (95 ng).