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TDYTemporary Duty (US military)
TDYTeledyne Technologies, Inc. (stock symbol)
TDYTemporary Duty Yonder (military slang)
TDYThe Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
TDYTestis-Determining factor on Y
TDYTemporarily Divorced for a Year (servicemember slang)
TDYTru Dat Yo
TDYTypically Developing Youth
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TDY House Rentals is among the biggest providers of corporate housing for the Military Intelligence training centre at Fort Huachuca, the buyer said in a statement.
Just like everyone else, TDY LES have concerns about personal safety in Iraq.
Nguyen, like many other TDY LES, has extended her tour from six to 12 months and even said she would come back to Baghdad again.
All of the TDY LES came to Baghdad for their own reasons and brought experience in their fields, which has been an asset to the embassy.
Mustafa's experience as an Arabic-speaking TDY LES in the embassy's economics section was also helpful.
If the special order doesn't identify the TDY as a contingency deployment the current squadron commander may validate (the ribbon) entitlement by evaluating the request and verifying any supporting documentation," Simmons said.
The commander would then provide a memorandum to the (military personnel flight) validating the TDY and how many days the individual was deployed," he said.
In a consent order with EPA, TDY Industries has agreed to investigate and evaluate alternatives to address soil and groundwater contamination from chlorinated solvents at and near the facility.
has agreed to cooperate with TDY during its investigation and evaluation of cleanup options.