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TDYTemporary Duty (US military)
TDYTeledyne Technologies, Inc. (stock symbol)
TDYTemporary Duty Yonder (military slang)
TDYThe Daily Yomiuri (Japan)
TDYTestis-Determining factor on Y
TDYTemporarily Divorced for a Year (servicemember slang)
TDYTru Dat Yo
TDYTypically Developing Youth
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To support this new program, DTS has been modified to guide travelers to selecting the directed lodging at the TDY location.
That would not include those on temporary duty to Afghanistan (which is known as "being on TDY").
Author John Sheehan and fellow readers might be interested to know the Lebel saga continues: While on TDY to Aberdeen Proving Ground early in 2004, I had a chance to examine a number of small arms recently recovered in Iraq.
SDDC G5 pays TDY cost for SDDC employees attending the training.
DOD has approximately 82,000 temporary duty (TDY) and permanent-change-of-station (PCS) rooms worldwide, and reported that it cost about $860 million in appropriated and nonappropriated funds to operate them in fiscal year 2005.
SRAP participants serve on temporary duty status for up to 14 days and may claim reimbursement for travel expenses and per diem while on TDY. The TDY may be taken in conjunction with ordinary leave.
My trick is to do most of my writing at 30,000 feet, as I'm jetting off to an exotic TDY locale like Omaha.
The longest TDY I went on during that time was three weeks to Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.
Sailors on permanent change of station (PCS) or temporary duty orders (TDY) can ship unaccompanied baggage to new duty stations, according to the Navy Family Services Division of the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP).
Defendants listed in the suit include Radnor, PA-based Airgas and Pittsburgh, PA-based TDY Industries, Inc.
(NYSE: TDY) has closed the acquisition of US-based technology company Roper Technologies, Inc.'s (NYSE: ROP) Scientific Imaging businesses for USD 225m in cash, the company said.
You may also be subject to additional restrictions if you are a presidential or political appointee, serve in the SES or are stationed or on TDY abroad.