TEABtriethylammonium bicarbonate
TEABTransition Economic Advisory Board
TEABTegen Elk Aannemelijk Bod (Dutch: For Any Reasonable Price; advertisements)
TEABThe Experimental Analysis of Behavior (psychology)
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The protein pellet was resuspended with 100 [micro]L of 100 mM TEAB and incubated with 20 [micro]L of the Trypsin Storage Solution for 5 mins.
Let's honour Team GB's vast victories by liberating cycling for all!!" bett Ho Teab PhillipSchofield @Schofe Magnificent moment for Sir Chris Hoy getting his medal now.
Er legt die glaubhafte Theorie vor, auf welche Weise solche Ausdrucke wie etwa jumal/kurat teab 'Gott/Teufel weiss + Frage zu einem negativen Polaritatselement geworden sind.
(7) Nii on museoloog Kenneth Hudson vorrelnud nt Euroopat suure muuseumsga, kus iga ehitis, iga pold, jogi ja raudtee kannab endas sonumit oma maast ja minevikust, kui vaataja teab, mida naeb.
Provincial Labour Department and police officials visited two firms on Monday after receiving reports that they were charging workers for jobs at factories in the border town, said Keo Sophorn, police chief for Svay Teab district.
After centrifugation at 30,000g under 4[degrees]C, the pellet was dissolved in 0.5 M TEAB (Applied Biosystems, Milan, Italy) and sonicated in ice.
(1) polyurethane (PU), Larithane LS 1086 produced by Novotex, Italy, dimethylformamide (DMF), purchased from Fluka, and tetraethylammonium bromide (TEAB), purchased from Fluka;
weight 400,000 Da, purchased from Scientific Polymer Products, distilled water, and TEAB (as above).
Euroopa teab neist puudustest, kuid pole raha maanteevorgu parandamiseks ja valjaehitamiseks.
The supernatant was discarded and deposition was diluted in 300 [micro]L rediluted buffer (50% TEAB, 0.1% SDS).
The digested material was cold-dried; peptides were dissolved in triethylammonium bicarbonate (TEAB) ([H.sub.2]O: TEAB: 1: 1, 0.1% SDS) and 60 [micro]L peptide was included in each tube.
(53) Nii eesti rahvuslased kui sakslasest pastor Woldemar Adolf Hansen leidsid, et rahvas teab toelisest isamaa-armastusest veel vahe, aga seda saab koolis kasvatada.