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TEACTribunal Económico-Administrativo Central (Spanish Central Economic-Administrative Court)
TEACTrolox-Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity (assay)
TEACTetraethylammonium Chloride
TEACTechnical Education Advisory Committee
TEACTheological Education for the Anglican Communion
TEACTennessee Energy Acquisition Corp.
TEACTechnology Education Association of California
TEACTurbine Engine Analysis Check
TEACTimber Export Advisory Committee
TEACTraining & Education Advisory Committee
TEACTokyo Electro-Acoustic Corporation
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Total TEAC values of TOC, TOC-MRP-6h and TOC-AP were 3.95, 2.68 and 2.86 mg trolox eq/g, respectively.
MULTIPLE ROLES FOR GAS SUPPLIER: Natural gas is supplied to TEAC by J.
The TEACs are a global, sustainable ecosystem that bring entrepreneurs and innovative investors together to establish the necessary foundation to foster collaboration, accelerate trials, and bring innovative, deployable infrastructure solutions to the telecom industry.
Compared with the untreated soil, the highest application dose of 5% resulted in the highest decrease in pH and led to great increases in TOC, C[O.sub.2] production, DOC, alkali-soluble phenols, TEAC, microbial biomass C, and dehydrogenase activity.
The loading plot of the variables showed that the TEAC and DPPH radical-scavenging activities had a heavy load on the positive coordinate of PC3.
Positive correlations between phenolic compounds and antioxidant activities (by TEAC and DPPH assay) were found only at time zero (r = 0.792 and p < 0.05 and r = 0.844 and p < 0.05, respectively, for the two assays), showing that the increase in TEAC of the T2 sample stored in darkness was not probably related to the phenolic content.
cruzi (L, 0.5; M, 0.2; N, 600; S, 0; E, 20; and H, 6), TEAC (L, 0.1; M, 0.1; N, 400; S, 0; E, 20; H, 3), and L6 (L, 0.3; M, 0.2; N, 300; S, 0; E, 20; and H, 3) (Figure S1).
The treatments with coadjuvants used in this study affected antioxidant capacity, and treatment with AA promoted higher values from 3005.49 to 2705.14 [micro]g TEAC [g.sup.-1] FW.
PARIS -- Tziyon Saadon, a 56-year-oldAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA French Jew and history teac was walking down a street Wednesday in Marseille, the second-largest city in France, when three men who reportedly sympathize with the Islamic State group repeatedly stabbed him.AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA Saadon, who teaches at a Je school in Paris' 19th district, was expected to make a full recovery.
Through ITEEA's STEM[??]Center for Teaching and Learning (STEM[??]CTL) Technology and Engineering Assessment Coalition (TEAC), teachers can continue to do what they do best: Teach.