TEACHSTechnical and Education Assistance Center for Homeless Students (New York)
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Socrates returns to the consideration of the question 'whether virtue is teachable,' which was denied on the ground that there are no teachers of it: (for the Sophists are bad teachers, and the rest of the world do not profess to teach).
A person may have some skill or latent experience which he is able to use himself and is yet unable to teach others, because he has no principles, and is incapable of collecting or arranging his ideas.
But by degrees he saw that if he wanted to reach the hearts of the people, he must preach and teach in English.
By "honour", however, is by no means meant "indulgence", but a reverent regard for their highest interests: and the Circles teach that the duty of fathers is to subordinate their own interests to those of posterity, thereby advancing the welfare of the whole State as well as that of their own immediate descendants.
To teach the Negro to read, whether English, or Greek, or Hebrew, butters no parsnips.
Anybody could teach boys trades and give them an elementary education.
"Miss Power did not teach anything so old-fashioned as writing, I see.
I teach you the friend in whom the world standeth complete, a capsule of the good,--the creating friend, who hath always a complete world to bestow.