TEAFTreasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (US)
TEAFTelecommunications Education Access Fund (Maine and Rhode Island)
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The TPZ and TEAF monthly distributions will be paid on 30 September, 31 October and 29 November 2019 to respective stockholders of record on 23 September, 24 October and 22 November 2019.
TPZ and TEAF are closed-ended balanced mutual funds domiciled in the US, also launched and managed by Tortoise Capital Advisors LLC.
Posteriormente, em 1996, o Instituto de Medicina (IOM) sugeriu que o termo "Efeitos do Alcool" fosse substituido pelo termo "Transtorno do Espectro Alcoolico Fetal (TEAF)", do ingles Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), propondo a existencia de subfenotipos relacionados ao efeito do alcool na gestacao, sendo o fenotipo mais grave o que expressava a triade de manifestacoes da SAF [5].
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The effectiveness of such a program, however, is dependent upon the natural rate of caudal spine replacement, which has been shown to be a periodic phenomenon in several species of stingrays (Teaf and Lewis 1987; Thorson et al.
Tortoise Essential Assets Income Term Fund (NYSE: TEAF) on Wednesday provided an update on its investment of the IPO proceeds and a podcast on the recent market performance.
As for attempts by some Lebanese politicians to resort to Taef Accord, Hbeish warned them not to torpedo Teaf political agreements, especially in distribution of prerogatives amongst Christians and Muslims.
He stressed herein that the LF remain committed to the full implementation of Teaf Accord which primarily stresses on gathering illegal weapons within the period of 6 months.
Electric utility Southern California Edison (SCE) and natural gas utility Southern California Gas Co (The Gas Company) said on Wednesday that customers experiencing financial hardship may apply for assistance through a new state programme called Temporary Energy Assistance for Families (TEAF).
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