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TEAMTime, Energy, And Money
TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves More
TEAMTertiary Education and Management (journal; Taylor & Francis)
TEAMTelevision Event and Media Marketing
TEAMTrauma Evaluation and Management (various organizations)
TEAMThe Evangelical Alliance Mission
TEAMTogether Everyone Accomplishes More
TEAMTransportation Electronic Award Management (US DOT)
TEAMTotal Exposure Assessment Methodology
TEAMTechnology Early Action Measures (Canada)
TEAMTechnologies Enabling Agile Manufacturing
TEAMTogether Each Achieves More
TEAMToll Ein Anderer Macht's
TEAMTransmission Electron Aberration-Corrected Microscope (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California)
TEAMThe Exceptional Athlete Matters (World T.E.A.M. Sports)
TEAMThe Naval Aviation Systems Team
TEAMThe Environmental Assessment and Management (Guide)
TEAMTheoretical & Applied Mechanics
TEAMThe Electronic Auction Market (Canadian online cattle marketplace)
TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves Miracles
TEAMTrain, Endure, Achieve, Matter (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)
TEAMTesi Environmental Awareness Movement (Tibetan environmental NGO)
TEAMTotal Enterprise Access Mobility (wireless communications)
TEAMTechnology, Automation, & Management
TEAMTotal Exposure Assessment Model
TEAMTools for Electronic Application Management
TEAMTesting, Empathy, Agenda Setting, Methods (psychology)
TEAMTimber Exporters' Association of Malaysia
TEAMTele-Education And Medicine
TEAMTogether Everyone Achives More
TEAMTotal Estimation and Allocation Mechanism
TEAMThreat Engagement Analysis Model
TEAMTechnically Evaluated Advisory Materials
TEAMTraffic Engineering Automation Manager
TEAMT1-Carrier Error Accumulating Module
TEAMTechnical Enhancement and Architectural Modernizaton (Sprint)
TEAMTop European Advertising Media
TEAMTechnology Exchange Assessment Methodology
TEAMTask Execution Acknowledgement Message
TEAMTraining, Education, Assessment, and Management
TEAMTechnology-based Enhanced Autonomous Machines
TEAMTraining to Enhance Aircraft Maintenance
TEAMTotal Employee Assistance and Management, Inc.
TEAMTest, Evaluation, Analysis & Modeling
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If I rode over to see her where she was ploughing, she stopped at the end of a row to chat for a moment, then gripped her plough-handles, clucked to her team, and waded on down the furrow, making me feel that she was now grown up and had no time for me.
When an engine would strike a mass of blocked trucks, splitting it into fragments, as a blow annihilates a cake of ice, Jimmie's team could usually be observed high and safe, with whole wheels, on the sidewalk.
The Winesburg baseball team, under his manage- ment, was winning game after game, and the town had begun to respect him.
The losing team, accompanied by its host of volunteers, was dragged in a rush over the ground and disappeared under the avalanche of battling forms of the onlookers.
Esther buried herself in the wagon which contained her daughters; the young men took their customary places among the cattle, or nigh the teams, and the whole proceeded, at their ordinary, dull, but unremitted gait.
At Selkirk, the old team of dogs, fresh and in condition, were harnessed, and the same day saw Daylight plodding on, alternating places at the gee-pole, as a matter of course, with the Le Barge Indian who had volunteered on the way out.
The moment the sled started, the team took after Lip-lip in a chase that extended throughout the day.
As a rule, Perrault travelled ahead of the team, packing the snow with webbed shoes to make it easier for them.
Kotuko was run away from once or twice through forgetting to block the sleigh when he stopped; and he broke many lashings, and ruined a few thongs before he could be trusted with a full team of eight and the light sleigh.
Chance, however, and the devil, who is not always asleep, so ordained it that feeding in this valley there was a drove of Galician ponies belonging to certain Yanguesan carriers, whose way it is to take their midday rest with their teams in places and spots where grass and water abound; and that where Don Quixote chanced to be suited the Yanguesans' purpose very well.
but a new idea, and I have dozens of them," said Joe; "if we could only manage to capture a team of live eagles, we could hitch them to the balloon, and they'd haul us through the air!"
I got the express wagons and cabs mostly for $5; but the trucks and two-horse teams mostly raised me to $10.