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TEAM-UPTechnology Experience to Accelerate Markets in Utility Photovoltaics (US Department of Energy and Utility Photovoltaic Group)
TEAM-UPTest, Evaluation, Analysis and Management Uniformity Plan
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Our goal is to provide optimal operating environments for our agent partners and ease of doing business by leveraging flagship agency interface solutions like TEAM-UP Download.
Todd Schultheis, President of InsureMax, states, "We're dedicated to our independent agency force and listen to their top priorities for having easy to use, turn-key solutions like TEAM-UP Download.
Marxen further commented that "although we are still faced with the tough challenges of profitability, due to high losses in our industry last year, Connective is committed to sustaining its core business philosophy for investing in our people, processes, and technologies and we believe that this is what has helped us achieve market dominance with our TEAM-UP suite of solutions.
We had been evaluating the TEAM-UP product suite for over a year and determined that its SOA technology framework, feature/function robustness, and ease of use would provide a value-added, premier service for our agencies and policyholders.
TEAM-UP Download provided an effective and efficient technology platform for agency ACORD AL3 translations and transmission services.
After a thorough review and comparison of all the solutions available on the market, TEAM-UP Download came out on top.
After reviewing available market solutions, TEAM-UP ranked second-to-none in terms of the overall value proposition of providing a secure, cost effective product, a solid commitment to product evolution and client base, and delivering on ease of use for our agencies.
Connective Technologies' TEAM-UP Download product combined all features that satisfied our requirements.
Dic Marxen, CEO of Connective Technologies adds, "We are pleased to add Anchor General to our growing list of TEAM-UP Download carriers underwriting in key western states like California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Texas.
Brian Elsmore, CIO of Tower Hill, commented, "We elected to move off our current download solution because we felt TEAM-UP Download offered additional features that would benefit our agents.
With Team-UP, we know our own strict security requirements will be met because the TEAM-UP application and critical insured data resides in our own environment and not at a third party hosting facility.
TEAM-UP Download was an easy choice because it offered the most secure, feature rich, end to end interface solution on the market today.