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TEAMSTests of Engineering, Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science
TEAMSTrace Element Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
TEAMSTechnology Experiments Advancing Missions In Space
TEAMSTelecommunications Education for Advances in Mathematics
TEAMSTogether Everyone Achieves More Success (teambuilding program)
TEAMSTactical EA-6B Mission Support
TEAMSTechnical Emergency and Mission Specialists (New Jersey State Police)
TEAMSTechnical Effort And Management System
TEAMSTeens Exploring and Achieving in Math and Science
TEAMSTotal Electronic Asset Management System (infrastructure asset management software for wastewater utilities)
TEAMSThrough Ecumenical Action More Sharing
TEAMSThomson Editorial Asset Management System (Library Of Congress)
TEAMSToronto Educators Association for Mathematics (Canada)
TEAMSTraffic Engineering and Monitoring Server
TEAMSTime of Flight Energy Analyzing Mass Spectrograph
TEAMSTransport Element Management System (Telcordia)
TEAMSTransmission Event Analysis Management System
TEAMSTopside Electromagnetic Aperture Management System
TEAMSTeachers, Experts, Associates, Mentors, and Students
TEAMSTechnology Evaluation Assessment Modeling and Simulation
TEAMSTest Evaluation & Monitoring System
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The report was favourable, nothing having life, the retiring teams excepted, was to be seen.
Sancho insisted that it was an inn, and his master that it was not one, but a castle, and the dispute lasted so long that before the point was settled they had time to reach it, and into it Sancho entered with all his team without any further controversy.
If I rode over to see her where she was ploughing, she stopped at the end of a row to chat for a moment, then gripped her plough-handles, clucked to her team, and waded on down the furrow, making me feel that she was now grown up and had no time for me.
When an engine would strike a mass of blocked trucks, splitting it into fragments, as a blow annihilates a cake of ice, Jimmie's team could usually be observed high and safe, with whole wheels, on the sidewalk.
The Winesburg baseball team, under his manage- ment, was winning game after game, and the town had begun to respect him.
The losing team, accompanied by its host of volunteers, was dragged in a rush over the ground and disappeared under the avalanche of battling forms of the onlookers.
At Selkirk, the old team of dogs, fresh and in condition, were harnessed, and the same day saw Daylight plodding on, alternating places at the gee-pole, as a matter of course, with the Le Barge Indian who had volunteered on the way out.
The moment the sled started, the team took after Lip-lip in a chase that extended throughout the day.
As a rule, Perrault travelled ahead of the team, packing the snow with webbed shoes to make it easier for them.
The last to be served was the big black leader of the team, who kept order when the dogs were harnessed; and to him Kotuko gave a double allowance of meat as well as an extra crack of the whip.
There wasn't a knight in either team who wasn't a sceptered sovereign.
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