TEAPTechnology and Economic Assessment Panel
TEAPTerminal Electron-Accepting Process
TEAPTrainee Employee Assistance Program
TEAPTransurethral Ethanol Ablation of the Prostate
TEAPTransportation Emergency Assistance Plan (Canada)
TEAPTransit Enterprise Architecture and Planning (framework)
TEAPTechnology Education Association of Pennsylvania
TEAPTriethylammonium phosphate
TEAPTeaching English for Academic Purposes
TEAPTeacher Education, Advisement and Partnership Center (Winston-Salem State University; North Carolina)
TEAPTransportation Enhancement Activities Program
TEAPTest Equipment Allowancing Program
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TEAP and MBTOC (Technology and Economic Assessment Panel and Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee).
The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the position of the University of California, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Technical and Economic Assessment Panel, or the TEAP Agricultural Economics Task Force.
Parson correctly describes TEAP membership as respected industry experts guided by chairs who are primarily from government.
Legendary United Nations Environment Programme Executive Director Mostafa Tolba created TEAP and nurtured it to strength before it faced governments.
They are dedicated volunteers who are solidly behind the TEAP concept and willing to undergo up to 40 hours of specialized training every year for a task they might never be called upon to perform.
How do the TEAP professionals keep track of the many shipments of hazardous materials in their zones?
Because the first-rank experts on many topics worked for competing firms, TEAP gave them an opportu nity to work intensively with and gain the respect of an elite group of peers that their normal professional lives did not offer.
The work of TEAP and its sectoral sub-bodies provided these private benefits while fulfilling a mandate to provide high-quality technical advice to the parties about feasible reductions.
Between 1982 and 1983, TEAP went through quite a "dramatic" change, according to CCPA project manager Dave Finlayson, as CANUTEC assumed its role.
A legal contract was developed for TEAP members which mandated a physical response to emergency situations.
The main objective of the TEAP project (A Traceability and Early warning system for supply chain of Agricultural Products: Complementarities between EU and China ) is obtaining a better mutual understanding of the agricultural product quality and safety in both the European Union and China, and deep in the knowledge of the technologies that assure these final objectives.