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TEARFundThe Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund (UK)
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Last year Tearfund dispatched 23 Transform teams - a total of 249 people - to development projects in 15 developing countries throughout Africa, Asia and Central and South America.
It is part of a wider mission by Christian charity Tearfund to raise pounds 60m for the cause.
Joining him on the trip will be Kay Ammon, an Aberystwyth university student, Alison Stedman, a training advisor from Crickhowel, and Aberystwyth-based SiOn Meredith, manager of Tearfund Wales.
Tearfund believes that tour operators must lead the way by implementing responsible tourism policies - and informing the tourists who travel with them of the steps they have taken.
Research carried out earlier this year by Tearfund showed that three million UK adults would come back to church if only somebody invited them.
He quotes from the Tearfund Report that 47% of people in the North-East have no religion then questions how Northumberland County Council are serving the non-religious.
The revelation was made in a survey just released by Tearfund, a relief and development agency working in partnership with Christian churches.
Last year aid agency Tearfund said there were already 25million environmental refugees "on the move in search of greater water security".
The week-long trip was organised by the parliamentary group, in association with the Save the Children Fund, Christian Aid, Tearfund, Rainforest Foundation, CAFOD and Amnesty International.
Colin dreamt up the bizarre stunt to raise money for the Christian charity Tearfund to beat the food crisis in Africa.
Stop Climate Chaos is a rapidly-growing coalition, including major organisations such as the RSPB, Women's Institute, Oxfam, Greenpeace, Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth, CAFOD, WWF, Tearfund and People & Planet
Mr Meredydd, who is also chair of Tearfund Wales, a charity which supports the fight against Third World poverty, said the Welsh party will also include young Christians.