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TEATimeTiming Error Avoidance Timing System
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We would encourage anyone who saw any suspicious activity or people on quad bikes in and around the Redmarshall Road area on Sunday teatime to contact our emergency 24-hour number 0800 66 88 77 or the police on 101," continued Mr Holmes.
Send in a video of up to one minute of the best moments of your teatime today.
Me and my husband use teatime as a way to help the girls with their homework while we eat.
IT'S A TIME TO TALK We catch up on our day 'My kids come home laden with homework to do every single day,' 'Me and my husband use teatime as a way to help the girls with their homework while we eat.
All you have to do is film one minute of your family's teatime and send it in for a chance to appear during an advert break on ITV tonight at 8.
But the blanket ban on off-peak tickets and day rovers at teatime could be counter-productive.
Six branches, Yorkshire If there was an Olympic medal for teatime, Bettys would win gold.
Teatime Tasties, which acts as wholesaler of biscuits, cakes, confectionery and soft drinks, was set up in 2000 and employs 61 staff between its delivered goods business in Hudderfield and a smaller cash and carry in Manchester.
Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, in Washington DC, US, and a property of Marriott International, Inc (NYSE: MAR), has announced hosting an afternoon fundraising teatime.
CHANNEL 4 hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to teatime chat.
However, if some busy body down the local council planning office has got anything to do with it, you might be forced to pull down your portcullis by teatime.
Birds Eye is launching a [pounds sterling]1 price promotion on five core products this autumn to encourage mums to use frozen food at teatime.