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TEATimeTiming Error Avoidance Timing System
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Aguero that he against goals assists call clearly Aguero goal that With Tottenham in town tomorrow teatime, Guardiola faces a big selection dilemma Stuart Brennan
'' Without the swearing this is a BBC2 teatime game show at best
"Our team acted quickly to safely restore power for customers after these metal thieves disrupted local peoples' Sunday teatime and work is under way to repair the damage caused by these criminals."
When Russell T Davies revived the programme in 2005, it was broadcast at teatime. But the current ninth series has been given the post-Strictly Come Dancing time slot, meaning episodes finish at 9pm.
Teatime's messy but I like it!' Lily, age seven, Cardiff When Mum works nights, I like cooking with Dad 'Most days, mum cooks my tea but twice a week she works nights as a carer, so Dad and me cook.
Here a local reader explains what happens during their teatime...
IT'S A TIME TO TALK We catch up on our day 'My kids come home laden with homework to do every single day,' 'Me and my husband use teatime as a way to help the girls with their homework while we eat.
"But the blanket ban on off-peak tickets and day rovers at teatime could be counter-productive.
So dress up for the occasion and try out one of these temples to the traditional teatime...
The North Tyneside-based group, which trades as M&M Value, has taken over Teatime Tasties, its third acquisition since receiving a PS7.5m investment from NVM Private Equity in March last year to fund growth.
* Make teatime stylish with this Royal Albert 100 Years Of Royal Albert Duchess 1910 teapot, sugar and cream jug for pounds 97.50 from tablewhere.co.uk.