TEBACBenzylTriEthylAmmonium Chloride
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Furthermore, in cases where TEBAC and tetradecyltrimethylammonium bromide acted as alkylating agents, N-substituted compounds were obtained by benzyl and methyl groups, respectively, as can be appreciated.
Commercially available TEBAC and tetrade-cyltrimethylammonium bromide are considerably more convenient to handle than alkyl halides, the latter of which are lachrymators and carcinogenic reagents.
To xylene (10.0 mL), TEBAC (1.1 mmol) and a heterocyclic compound (1.0 mmol) were added, followed by a solution of NaOH 50% (5.0 mL).
Using the standard procedure, to xylene (10.0 mL), 0.5003 g of TEBAC (1.1 Eq) and 0.2996 g of methanone (3a) (1.0 Eq) were added, followed by a solution of NaOH 50% (5.0 mL).
Aiming to improve the yield of the reaction we tested the same APTC conditions replacing TEBAC by QUIBEC as catalyst.
In order to investigate the effect of solution surface tension on bead formation, TEBAC was added to the PHBV/(CH[Cl.sub.3] + C[Cl.sub.4]) solution to make the conductivity of this solution equal to that of the PHBV/(CH[Cl.sub.3] + [C.sub.3][H.sub.7]ON) system, while allowing solution surface tension to vary (Table 1).
CH[Cl.sub.3] CH[Cl.sub.3] + [C.sub.2] + [C.sub.3] Solvent compositions CH[Cl.sub.3] [H.sub.5]OH [H.sub.7]ON Surface tension Coefficient (*[10.sup.-3]N/m) 26.10 22.50 30.30 Conductivity ([micro]S/cm) 0.3190 13.50 22.50 Charge density (C/[m.sup.3]) 594.0 2240 3823 Fiber morphologies Exhibiting Smooth Exhibiting Beads of beads of 4.5 10 [micro]m [micro]m CH[Cl.sub.3] CH[Cl.sub.3] + C[Cl.sub.4] Solvent compositions + C[Cl.sub.4] + 1.73% TEBAC Surface tension coefficient (*[10.sup.-3]N/m) 24.70 24.50 Conductivity ([micro]S/cm) 0.01700 22.50 Charge density (C/[m.sup.3]) 225.2 3841 Fiber morphologies Exhibiting beads Smooth of 16 [micro]m Charge density means charge density carried by the moving jet at applied voltage of 20 KV and solution feeding rate of 4 ml/h