TEBGAThermally Enhanced Ball Grid Array
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The 18-port VSC7155 comes in a 448-pin TEBGA, while the 24-port VSC7153 and 36-port VSC7154 come in 486-pin and 564-pin TSBGAs, respectively.
The PM2329 ClassiPI is available now in a 35 x 35mm2 352 pin, TEBGA package and priced at $256 in 1KU quantities through distribution.
It can multiplex 28 DS-1 signals and is synonymous with DS-3 TEBGA Thermal Enhanced Ball Grid Array TEMUX High Density T1/E1 Framer with Integrated VT/TU Mapper and M13 Multiplexer URL Uniform Resource Locator VPN Virtual Private Network WAN Wide Area Network