TECATTexas Examination of Current Administrators and Teachers
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Don Keating, vice president of business development at TECAT Performance Systems, said, 'The WISER 4000 offers a number of features that make it a faster, more flexible, and reliable tool for a wide range of applications, whether it's monitoring strain in automotive flex plates, measuring in-flight torque and horsepower data on experimental aircraft, or being used as input conditioning for analogue sensors.
Ferguson compared teachers' TECAT scores, number of students in teachers' classes, teachers' experience levels, and degrees earned with reading and math scores of students as measured by the Texas Educational Assessment of Minimum Skills (TEAMS).
The GRE-V should satisfy the demands for high standards in teacher selection tests and seems to be a more comprehensive and more rigorous measure of verbal ability than any of the measures used in other studies and far better than the self-administered vocabulary tests used by Coleman or the now-defunct TECAT used by Ferguson (1991) in the Texas study.
So far we know only that the students of more experienced teachers who score higher on the TECAT earn higher scores on the TEAMS.
Primary teachers'passing rate on the TECAT had three times as large an impact on the TEAMS passing rate of students as did secondary teachers' passing rate.