TECH REPTechnical Representative
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One day, I asked one of the tech reps, "Who designs this equipment?" His answer was: "The Electronic Engineers at the company that makes it."
(8.) World Health Organization: Community Prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases; Tech Rep Series 1986; 732
Field tech reps especially like using "unified communications," which allow voice access to e-mail, a computerized voice to read e-mail aloud, and telephone dialing by simply saying, "Call a number."
The tech rep responds, "That's good to know, but what about proper Fresnel Zone clearance?"
US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station, Gen Tech Rep. PSW-GTR-184.
The tech reps would use their knowledge from working on similar aircraft in the civilian world to guide us along during our training.
RAMPs staff includes demo trucks and tech reps in both the East and West (the demo schedule is on the company's website at