TECHNOPRENEURTechnology Entrepreneur
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I would also like to offer through Flare Magazine a free training sessions to young entrepreneurs, start-up companies, technopreneurs having difficulty in launch product or services or having technical difficulty in execution.
This dedicated researcher and successful technopreneur has redefined the way water can be treated.
He was formerly senior business manager at the Daresbury facility but left this academic background to set up Technopreneur (with Dr David Richards) as a ``bridge-the-gap'' organisation giving advice to industry.
* Technopreneur Investment Incentive Scheme to ease capital problems for start-ups.
sector, and empower the technopreneur community," he added.
Meanwhile, three winning projects of the Technopreneur programme were announced.
The Technopreneur Bahrain programme aims to support and foster information and communications technology (ICT) innovative ideas and initiatives of Bahraini youths by providing training, consultancy, financing and incubation services, said a report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.
Its capacity building initiatives include a project facilitation centre, outreach programmes, training camps, e-learning courses, awareness programmes, the technopreneur workshop series, and training in software development, technology entrepreneurship and business incubation.
Global Entrepolis @ Singapore Award - UFO Moviez was acknowledged as 'Technopreneur of the Year' in the Asia-Pacific region for 2007 at the Global Entrepolis @ Singapore Award.
The inaugural Water Prize was awarded to Canadian researcher and technopreneur, Dr Andrew Benedek, for pioneering the development of low-pressure membranes.
DUMAGUETE CITY - Silliman University will build a Business Incuba-tion Facility at the Fel and Bert Bravo Technopreneur Park in San Antonio, Sibulan, Negros Oriental.