TECRTonopah Electronic Combat Range
TECRTraining Equipment Change Request
TECRTechnical Requirement
TECRTaxation of Executive Compensation and Retirement (Federated Press journal)
TECRTactical Embedded Computer Resources
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Exome sequencing reveals a novel mutation for autosomal recessive non-syndromic mental retardation in the TECR gene on chromosome 19p13.
Lethality as result of laparoscopy intervention was reliably decreased from 69.4% in control group till 11.1% in main group (P=0.003, [chi square] Tecr).
O primeiro grupo (G1) foi submetido a TMR com 30% da pressao inspiratoria maxima obtida a cada semana; o segundo grupo (G2) submetido a TF com 70% da frequencia cardiaca atingida no teste de exercicio cardiorrespiratorio (TECR); e o terceiro grupo (G3) associou TMR ao TF com as mesmas intensidades citadas anteriormente.
Effects of balanced fertilisation (NPK and NPK + FYM) on SOC build-up and estimated amount of SOC lost from applied FYM and crop residues in the 0-0.45 m soil depth under studied cropping systems TECR, Total estimated C applied through crop residues: residue C applied = residue C in (NPK + FYM - NPK) SOC build-up rate Cropping system NPK NPK + FYM via FYM (A) (Mg C/ha.year) Rainfed soybean wheat 0.27 0.87 0.60 Irrigated wheat-soybean 0.63 1.09 0.46 SOC build-up Total C applied Cropping system via FYM (B) via FYM TECR (Mg C/ha) Rainfed soybean wheat 19.20 50.78 44.70 Irrigated wheat-soybean 4.14 14.28 4.48 % applied C lost from: FYM + crop Cropping system FYM residues Rainfed soybean wheat 62.2 79.9 Irrigated wheat-soybean 71.0 77.9 (A) (NPK + FYM - NPK).