TECUTESS (Tactical Engagement Simulation System) Electronic Control Unit
TECUTractor Electronic Control Unit
TECUTotal Electron Content Units
TECUThe Education Credit Union (est. 1935; Amarillo, TX)
TECUTransmission Electronic Control Unit (vehicle gearboxes)
TECUTexaco Employees Credit Union (Ireland)
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Topics studied include the effect of common ownership on mergers and acquisitions (Hansen and Lott 1996; Matvos and Ostrovsky 2008; Harford Jenter, and Li 2011) and on industry competition (He and Huang 2016; Azar, Raina, and Schmalz 2016; Azar, Schmalz, and Tecu 2017).
The maximum [DELTA] VTEC at 18:00 UT is 2.94 TECU. Afterwards, at ~ 20:00 UT it can be seen that the anomaly moved westwards until it faded away.
At 00:00 UT on April 21, 2018, the LTD moved to the west and reached its minimum peak intensity with a [DELTA]VTEC of -3.21 TECU. This negative storm was quite transitory; by 04:00 UT it completely disappeared.
Altitude (km) 600 1300 3000 Frequency (GHz) 1.25 1.25 1.25 Azimuth Resolution (m) 5 5 5 Synthetic Time (s) 2.6 5.7 13.7 Doppler Bandwidth (Hz) 1384 1198 890 Slant Angle ([degrees]) 0 0 0 Scene Incidence 45 45 45 Angle ([degrees]) Look Angle ([degrees]) 40.2 36.0 28.7 [d.sup.2] TEC/[dt.sup.2] 0.01 TECu 0.01 TECu 0.01 TECu [d.sup.3] TEC/[dt.sup.3] 0.003 TECu 0.003 TECu 0.003 TECu Altitude (km) 10000 Frequency (GHz) 1.25 Azimuth Resolution (m) 5 Synthetic Time (s) 54.5 Doppler Bandwidth (Hz) 400 Slant Angle ([degrees]) 0 Scene Incidence 45 Angle ([degrees]) Look Angle ([degrees]) 16.0 [d.sup.2] TEC/[dt.sup.2] 0.01 TECu [d.sup.3] TEC/[dt.sup.3] 0.003 TECu Table 2.
Despite unrelenting threats, intrepid leaders Carlos Chen and Carlos Tecu Osario have demanded accountability and reparations for the atrocities committed against their people.
Chris Tecu, vice president-investments for Chicago-based CenterPoint Properties Inc., says GDP growth is important, but not the only indicator.
On 12 July 2008, the program was called "Let's talk about the Romanian community", with the live participation of Daniel Tecu and the Romanian businesswoman Veronica Radoslav.
3 on Adaptive Volumes consists of Planephones in wood, Tecu copper, iron, and aeronautic aluminum.