TEDCTexas Economic Development Council (Austin, TX)
TEDCTechnology for Education in Developing Countries (conference)
TEDCTemple Economic Development Corporation (Temple, TX)
TEDCTraining, Education and Doctrine Centre (various locations; UN)
TEDCTrinity Economic Development Corporation (Weaverville, CA)
TEDCTonsillar Epithelial Dendritic Cells
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According to TEDC Director Karel Littman, by having the commercial property owners in town rebuild, renovate and redevelop, the township can increase the taxes that such improved commercial properties bring in.
One of the outstanding features of TEDC was its kindergarten.
Nick's, NCC, and TEDC has mushroomed since 1970, from about 100 nationwide to an estimated 2,500 today.
Simultaneously, the TEDC will work to get local supply and demand companies, which primarily just serve Timmins-area operations, to think beyond the city's borders and start exporting.
The partnership with the TEDC continued during the Timmins visit with St.
The TEDC moved to a new downtown location a few years ago which has allowed each staff member to have a bigger office space.
The production and distribution of the data to the public, according to the TEDC, has positioned the northeast as an area of choice for exploration companies and is a valuable economic development tool.
Information gathered through this survey, will provide the TEDC with the baseline information necessary to develop a housing investor attraction strategy.
With these pieces in place as an initial set of building blocks, the TEDC is working to bring additional partnerships to the city, though Marinig acknowledges that such efforts take time and effort.
The group will be overseen by a coordinator, as well as city and TEDC staff, who will be guided by the results of a study analyzing alternate uses for the Met site.
The move, says TEDC CEO Christy Marinig, would further allow Timmins to retain students and skilled workers who would otherwise travel to Sudbury or southern Ontario.
However, the exact size, location and even internal components are still up in the air, as the TEDC is still in the early stages of determining the perceived level of need from within the community.