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These companies will get active involvement with TEDCO's network of outsourced executives andmust have at least one founding manager working full-time in the company.
Team TEDCO will conduct workshops simultaneously from two locations (Rockville and Salisbury, MD) using communications technology and connecting participants via a series of portals.
"Working with Tedco Business Support, we found premises at Brunswick Industrial Estate with over 9,000 sq ft of space and helped to get Gymtopia investment-ready to access the essential finance we needed to not only fund the costs of the new gym facility but also it's refurbishment and new gym equipment.
He approached TEDCO after meeting one of the business advisors at a start-up event and Bill Hartshorne, one of the business advisors at TEDCO, who worked with him to take the business from concept, through to the planning stage and finally funding and launch.
Ultimately, the agreement should allow researchers on both coasts to form teams that will submit joint applications for funding through a process that builds on routine CIRM and TEDCO procedures.
Tedco's latest toy is the Winger, a pliable, flyable, orange-colored ring that looks like a phonograph record with the middle cut out.
At TEDCO, Davis believes inclusion for underserved and more diverse entrepreneurs in the early investment stage is important to help ensure all entrepreneurs have an opportunity to succeed.
The scheme will combine the Harlands 'Get Started' service with TEDCO's 'Start and Grow' programme and provide new businesses access to support worth PS7,000.
TEDCO helped Emma set up ELS Dog Walking, a specialist service offering dog walking and dog sitting for animal owners.
The Maryland Senate Thursday approved legislation to create more oversight and direction for the agency, something George Davis, TEDCO's CEO, said was welcomed.