TEDOTechnology Export Development Organisation (private-public partnership; India)
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"We did; and, Tedo, you know, I helped you in prosecuting (or persecuting) your tutor, whey-faced Mr.
"No, [it's] just us, me and Tedo," Max replies, leaving Keith puzzled.
7 briefing by Tedo Japaridze, an ex-Georgian ambassador to the U.S., and other members of a team representing the opposition group.
Garcia Perez (2001), and De Tejada and Tedo (2001), address psychological research in Spain distinguishing by specialization, and Garcia Martinez et al.
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The authors would like to acknowledge the help of a number of people, including Ambassador Tedo Jarapidze, in the preparation of this article.
Tedo Japaridze, and senior vice-president of MENA for Junior Achievement Worldwide, Soraya Salti attended the promotion meeting at Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel in Istanbul.
Tedo Haider, who also lives in Australia, heightened their suspicions.
With: Tedo Bekhauri, Galoba Gambaria, Nika Alajajev, Tamara Meskhi, Archil Tabukashvili, Temo Goginava, Jano Izoria, Lia Abuladze, Berdia Intskirveli, Leri Zardiashvili, Leila Khokhosadze.
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(2) Originalmente la TSD nacio como un topico especial de la teoria de las ecuaciones diferenciales ordinarias (TEDO).