TEDPTelecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (various states)
TEDPTetraethyl Dithiopyrophosphate
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As discussed above, many researchers have extensively studied the superconducting motors and cryogenic electrical components in a TeDP system that can significantly improve the performance of all-electric aircraft.
In a typical application of TeDP, the sizing of the duct is restricted by the aircraft system and body designs.
TEDP is an eighteen month talent development programme, where each candidate will have a personal coach and a mentor who will help the candidates to refine their job knowledge and prepare them mentally and emotionally to lead the department.
The first subscale of the TARQ, Therapist's Effectiveness with Diverse Populations (TEDP), required participants to rate on a 5-point Likert scale, ranging from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), the degree to which the participant perceived the target counselor's effectiveness in working with both diverse populations and clients exhibiting troublesome behaviors.
An engineering firm based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, implemented a team mentoring program--called a targeted employee development program (TEDP)--where the supportive mentor group consisted of department heads, human resources professionals, senior managers and an outside consultant.