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TEDSThe Ellen Degeneres Show (TV show)
TEDSTransducer Electronic Data Sheet
TEDSTerrestrial Trunked Radio (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)
TEDSTrinity Evangelical Divinity School
TEDSTwins Early Development Study
TEDSTactical Environmental Data Server (US DoD)
TEDSTRICARE Encounter Data
TEDSTactical Expendable Drone System (US DoD)
TEDSThe Edwardian Drape Society (Teddy Boy fashion group; UK)
TEDSThromboembolism Deterrent Stockings
TEDSTreated Effluent Disposal System
TEDSTreatment Episode Data Set/System (SAMHSA)
TEDSTape-Editing System
TEDSTrend and Event Diagnostic System
TEDSTotal Employee Development System
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In the late 1980s, the US government signed a public law that allowed the imports of shrimp from extractive fishing of foreign countries, being held constant inspections of the use of TED by the US government for the renewal of the export authorization.
The use of TED, apart from the ecological importance of avoiding the capture of sea turtles, has been tested and perfected in order to prevent the entry of undesirable products in the codend without loss of the target species.
The TEDS memory chip does not affect normal sensor operation.
Class-2 TEDS-based sensors provide separate data and sensor connections, so the sensor and the TEDS memory can operate simultaneously and independently (Figure 2).
A line of rack-mountable TEDS multi-channel signal conditioners can be used with ICP and charge output vibration, pressure, and force sensors.
This left Teds Jo a long way clear and the November 2001 son of Larkhill Jo came home alone, in the end crossing the line 12 lengths clear of Cash The Deal.
Because TEDs are less effective in saving smaller, younger turtles, she says, the model suggests that fewer than anticipated numbers of loggerheads will survive to reproductive age.
It appears bestman Ted (Josh Radnor) and bride Robin (Cobie Smulders) wind up at the beach looking for the groom.
California: As a week of mind-bending TED Conference talks ranging from animal necrophilia to fighting poverty ended Friday, inspiring presentations from the renowned gathering were spreading.
For someone seemingly destined to languish in obscurity, the fuss that is currently surrounding the re-emergence of this most peculiar of comedians has baffled most spectators - and Ted himself.
The inherent problem with a modern-day "Bill and Ted" film is that Bill and Ted will be old, and their antics will be less humorous and more pathetic.