TEEATexas Environmental Excellence Awards (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality)
TEEATechnicien Electricien Electronicien Automobile (French automotive repair program)
TEEATennessee Environmental Education Association
TEEATexas Extension Education Association
TEEATechnologically and Environmentally Equipped Areas (Europe)
TEEATourism, Environmental and Economic Affairs (South African Department)
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Ethel wer just abaat ter don 'er 'at an' coit wen shoo sed: "Yo'll be glad of a cup o' teea Ah'll bet, an' we've getten a couple 'o mince pahs left ovver fra Kersmuss."
North Eugene's Shannon Morgan and Megan Harvey are playing for an 18A team out of Salem, and Sheldon graduate Teea Rogers is playing for Beaverton's Oregon Silver Bullets.
Ah grooaned aat laad wen Ethel telled me 'at 'er cousin Bessie an' 'er 'usband, Clarence, wer comin' ter teea last Satdy.
Caitlin Nelson, Kendall Niles, Gregory Nissen, Andrew Norton, Kyle Nystrom, Chelsea Oakerson, Leif Odegard, Delia Oh, Daniel Olson, Tricia Olson, Stefan Opsal, WenJun Pan, Yereem Park, Amanda Parker, Ann Pasquinelli, Sophie Pattison, Ryan Pedersen, Kalen Pegeder, Annabel Percy, Thach Pham, Courtney Phillips, Bailey Phillpott, Kathleen Pommert, Melissa Pope, Thomas Prentice, Brandon Queener, Emily Quindlen, Tyler Radke, Annin Ramsing, Kelsey Rea, River Reinking, Leah Reis-Dennis, Emily Reyes, Harmony Riedman, Jackson Roberts, Eric Robinson, William Roehl, Teea Rogers, Arie Rolfe, Katina Ross, Nichole Roy, Herman Ruddell,
Onnyrooad, it turned aat ter be a good thing, cos we gate awl t' shoppin' done i' quicksticks sooa we decahded ter pop inta t' market fer a cup o' teea.
Trever Richardson, Kathleen Richter, Salvador Rios, Kyle Ripberger, Cody Rodriguez, William Roehl, Teea Rogers, Katina Ross, Evan Ruffier, Chelsey Rust, Meghan Ryder, Harmandeep Sandhar, Gabriel Schepergerdes, Brandon Schooley, Amber Schultz, Corinne Scott, Andrew Sexton, Brianna Shaneyfelt, Connor Sheehan, Julia Shemkus, Cristen Shope, Charles Siddoway, Samara Simpson, Ryan Skeele, Amanda Skinner, Alyssa Smith, Marca Smith, Mariah Smith, Zachary Smith, Stephen Snyder, Kimberly Spellman, Ashley Spence, Samantha Standridge, Hannah Stebbins, Clayton Stefanek, Henry Stender, Jennifer Stephens, Chanel Stepina, Jonathan Stewart, Alyson Stoneberg, Grace Stopher, Warner Strausbaugh, Kenzie Stuart, Michael Sugar, Megan Swenson, Heavenly Tamasaka, Rachel Taube,
"E'd a married sister called Mabel an' shoo an' 'er three dowters used ter gooa ter Jack's fer t' Sunday teea.
Yar Ethel were thumbin' through th' Examiner afta teea wen shoo asked aah much longer t' fooitball seeason wer gooin' ter last.
Cleo Nagy, who tripled, Hannah Brown and Teea Rogers each had two hits in the second game for Sheldon (11-8, 4-5 SWC).
Jooa sed 'at t' lads' favourite bi a mahle wer t' chimps' teea party, which 'ad 'em awl i' stitches.
Teea Rogers had two hits for the Irish, including a double.