TEEALThe Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (Cornell University)
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The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library (TEEAL) TEEAL or "Library-in-a-Box" database is a recent arrival on the scene.
Databases such as MEDLINE, AGRICOLA, PubMed, Biomed Central, African Journals Online, AGORA and HINARI portals and CD-ROMs such as CAB Abstracts, BEAST CD, VET CD, TEEAL, AGRICOLA etc.
The study on TEEAL revealed that the database contains, apart from abstracts, complete articles.
TEEAL is available for purchase at a low cost, and is solely for education and research in public and non-profit institutions in eligible-income countries.
TEEAL intends to train more than 22,000 users of agricultural information, including students, lecturers, researchers and government officials.
Erica Reniff, Head, TEEAL Outreach and Client Relations
La Biblioteca posee 73 de ellas, el 11,31%; en TEEAL se encontraron 38, para un 5,27%.
Observando la Tabla 10 vemos que del total de analiticas citadas en espanol (194), se localizaron 23:9 en la Biblioteca, lo cual representa el 4,63%; 2 en Wilson, para un 1,03%; y 12 en TEEAL, para un 6,18%.
Observando la Tabla 11, vemos que del total de analiticas citadas en ingles (265), se localizaron 80, 57 de ellas en la Biblioteca, lo cual representa el 21,5%; y 23 en TEEAL, para un 8,67%.
Only few resources like online public access catalogue (OPAC), Internet facilities, TEEAL, HINARI, Science direct, NUC virtual library were seen as satisfactory by the respondents.
The TEEAL Steering Committee, which held its first meeting in New York City in December 1997, includes W.
The library is also subscribed to TEEAL (The essential electronic agricultural library) a full text document delivery service covering some 70 frequently cited journals.